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PlayCleanGo® Hand held Boot & Shoe Brushes (5-pack)

PlayCleanGo® Hand held Boot & Shoe Brushes (5-pack)

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Wipe off those invasives for just $1 per brush! Special offer, June 1- 30th. Shipping starts mid-June. 

Price is for a 5 brushes. Colors will vary. While supplies last. Limit 20 sets (100 brushes). Get them before we are all sold out! 

  • Ergonomically shaped handle
  • Strong metal pick
  • Durable, stiff-bristled brush
  • PlayCleanGo logo on one side and "Stop Invasive Species in Your Tracks" on the other
  • Available in the US only

The PlayCleanGo Handheld Boot Brush makes cleaning mud and debris from your shoe and tire treads a breeze. 

PlayCleanGo® Stop Invasive Species In Your Tracks® campaign is a trademark of the North American Invasive Species Management Association in the United States of America and any Canadian customers, should refer to the Canadian Council on Invasive Species for information regarding PlayCleanGo in Canada.

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