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The PlayCleanGo® Stop Invasive Species In Your Tracks® campaign works tirelessly to prevent the detrimental effects of invasive species to North America’s lands and waters. Our Boot Brush Station with Interpretive Sign Panel offers effective messaging as well as the physical tools to support this effort. See more FAQs at the bottom of this page. 

PlayCleanGo® Boot Brush Stations with Interpretive Sign Panels

How do boot stations with signs prevent invasive species?

PlayCleanGo® Boot Brush Stations with Interpretive Sign Panels offer effective messaging as well as physical tools to create awareness and stop the spread of invasive species.

What are my mounting options?

Mounting options include in ground or surface mounted

What materials are used?

Posts are available in Treated wood, Recycled Black Plastic and Aluminum.

The sign frame material is powder coated for durability.

The sign is printed on a 3mm aluminum composite board and covered with a seven-year outdoor laminate that provides protection from sun, the elements, and vandalism.

What languages are offered?

Signs are available in EITHER English OR Spanish.

What boot brush do you use?

Boot brush assembly includes installed Scrusher brush

Can I customize my station?

Yes! The PlayCleanGo® Boot Brush Stations with Interpretive Sign Panel offer a variety of customization options, including characters, logos and invasive species focus. There is a $100 customization fee per unit. See individual product listings for complete details.

How much is shipping?

Currently, freight shipping within the contiguous 48 United States is included; additional fees are assessed for Alaska, Hawaii, and international shipping locations.

What is the design & fabrication process?

Once we receive your order, we will begin the design process. When that is complete, we will send you a proof to review and approve. After you've approved the sign design, we will start fabrication and assembly of the units. 

In most cases, you can expect your unit to arrive within 4-8 weeks of placing your order. 

How do I install the unit?

All the instructions come with your unit. View sample installation.

Do you offer Member discounts?

Members always receive shop discounts! Check your newsletter /subscription for more information.

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  • PlayCleanGo Interpretive sign panel

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