Collection: Know Your Invasives - Ventenata Collection

Part of NAISMA's "Know Your Invasives" effort, this collection features the Ventenata dubia plant on your favorite products: hoodies, tees, coffee mugs and totes! They are the perfect conversations starters to help spread the word.  


Ventenanta dubia Overview: 

The spread of non-native species like Ventenata dubia, an invasive grass originally from the Eastern Mediterranean, poses significant threats to ecosystems across the Pacific Northwest. Known for its wiry stems and ability to disperse seeds over long distances, Ventenata dubia competes aggressively with native flora, displacing indigenous plants and animals, and altering fire regimes by providing highly flammable material. Its proliferation can reduce the quality of forage for livestock and wildlife and impact agricultural productivity and economics through reduced crop yields and forage quality.

To combat the spread of Ventenata dubia, strategies such as early detection, integrated weed management, public education, and collaborative research are vital. Measures include employing herbicides, controlled burns, and targeted grazing to manage growth and spread. The Montana Department of Agriculture's petition to include Ventenata dubia in the North American Invasive Species Management Association's prohibited weed list underscores the need for concerted action. The petition supports the use of weed-free products to mitigate the species' spread, protecting agricultural lands and preserving ecosystem integrity.


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